Skipmyre GSDS Dumfries Scotland. Home Of The Long Coated German Shepherd

About The Breed

Without question, the German-Shepherd Dog's temperament and intelligence has earned it an international fan club. Its affable, easy-going nature gives way to a strong protective instinct when provoked. People close to the breed frequently claim that German Shepherds know right from wrong and that a well-trained GSD is the best roommate you could ask for.

Characterized by a direct and fearless expression, Shepherds never appears hostile, but instead appears self-confident, with a certain aloofness. While maintaining this aloofness, the German Shepherd must be approachable, quietly standing his ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without making them himself.

The traits of keen intelligence and trainability have made the German Shepherd arguably the most versatile breed in history. In addition to their traditional roles as police and herding dogs, the breed has encountered success in many areas including watchdog, leaders of the blind, tracking, rescue, scent identification, agility, obedience, guardian, and of course companion. He is poised and calm, but when the occasion presents itself he can be alert and startling.

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