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Nicola and Chris 2015.8.17 02:22
Hey Irene and Neil, where do i start, having lost my beloved weimraner, and knowing my lovely GSD was really ill, i contactied irene to enquire about a puupy. well what can i say, i told her about my situation, and the rest as you say was history. she was so understanding and sympathetic of my situation, and of course she was just like me, a Glasgow bird lol x. irene asked me lots of questions (be prepared), but i instantly knew this was the breeder for me. After all the chat lol, she told me her beautiful girl Mischa may be in pup, and hey, she was. Needless to say, i was so excited. Went down to meet my girl at four weeks and fell in love. Irene, you are a wonderful lady and a good friend now, also you have made so many people happy. Keep up the good work, you and Neil xx. PS my girl is stunning but hey, i didn't expect anything less xxx.

Angela 2015.9.2 10:52
Dear Irene and Neil,
Our thanks and best wishes to you both, for the addition of Archie to our family. He is sweet and cheeky in equal measures and we love him. Irene and Neil have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the breed and their obvious love of and dedication to the breed shows in their desire that their well bred, healthy puppies go to good forever homes. You may have to go on a waiting list to let nature take its course but your wait will be worth it to get one of these adorable puppies.All their puppies are given the best start in life, they are kept in their home with them where they are well handled and the socialisation process is started by playing cds with an assortment of noises e.g. fireworks, babies crying etc.One week after bringing Archie home Neil phoned to check that everything was going ok. I thought this was a lovely touch and shows how seriously they take their responsibilities as breeders. They are always available to give advice if needed.We couldnt have choosen better, Irene and Neil are kind and supportive and their longhaired, straight backed puppies are all fantastic examples of the breed.
Thanks again,
The Robsons.

arion Burns 2015.9.4 10:43
I had always loved German Shepherd dogs and having decided that the time was right for us to have a puppy we set about the mammoth task of finding a breeder that we could trust to supply the dog we wanted. I poured my way through pages and pages of the internet, looking at hundreds of photos of GSDs.
I phoned the breeders that took my interest and that I thought were breeding “ happy dogs” Some I took note to call again while others I ruled out as of no interest to us.One breeder I spoke to was Irene Mcintosh at Skipmyre . While I was asking her questions, scrutinising
her.......... I suddenly realised that I was being scrutinised by her ! I spoke to her for some time during which we exchanged our thoughts and feelings.I came away feeling happy that I’d found my breeder. Several more phone calls to her found us travelling to meet Irene and her “large family” We left with Irene being prepared to put our name on her list (not us deciding to have one of her puppies !) Still more phone calls later and me showing John hundreds of photos of Skipmyre GSDs we eventually got A call to say that Misha was being mated with Tazar and if successful we would be offered a pup (ideally a girl).The mating was successful and suddenly it was a reality. Irene advised the expected birth date . From the day our Annie (Miss Yellow) was born, Irene sent photo after photo so that we could see her progress.She even told us how “inquisitive” she was and gave us an idea of Annie’s nature. The big day came for us to go and meet Annie. When I saw her I felt so emotional, I just felt that I knew her so well ! This was down to Irene’s careful nurturing and pairing of Annie to us ! Irene even played CDs of loud unusual noises to get Annie and her brothers and sisters used to all eventualities after they left their “safe” home. We cannot thank Irene and Skipmyre enough for the care and consideration offered to us in the choosing of our new “baby”.
Should anyone reading this wish to contact me , I would be more than happy to speak to them.
Thank you Irene and Neil at Skipmyre xx

Helen Leslie 2015.11.4 08:24
4th Nov 2015
Hi Irene
I am so very thankful that you took the time to answer my e-mail all those months ago asking for help in finding a new "woof"
I was still very raw after Kias diagnosis of CDRM and you were so kind and understanding .... even then I felt I had made a new friend (and through "SKIPMYRE" have made SO many more since ) !!!!
You accepted me for one of Mischas puppies but as we were going to be in Canada on holday at just the wrong time we agreed to wait and it was gorgeous ELLE who has given me my precious EMBER
You made the waiting so much easier with all the pics n video clips and made our whole family soo welcome when we came for a visit in the summer Neil and you work sooo hard and the love you both have for ALL your "woofs" large AND small is very evident
We know you will always be there for us and its such a privilege to own one of your beautiful SKIPMYRE GSDs n be a part of the family !!!!
Thank you VERY VERY much "granny " for EVERTHING
Helen :-) :-) :-)

June McNiven 2015.11.2 12:23
Huge thanks to Irene, Neil and Elle for giving us the beautiful wee bundle called DJ. Knowing I have a lifetime supply of advice at the end of a phone has made this so much easier. I will send loads of pictures and will bring DJ to visit his granny and grandad. thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
lots of love June, Craig, Macie, Maya and DJ xxx

Gordon @ corinne ross 2/11/2015 2015.11.10 11:13
Hi Irene @ Neil
We are so happy with our new addition KAI he is lovely and is a very handsome boy we just adore him and his new pal Sam our other german shepherd just adores him they have bonded so well . I also have never had such genuine caring people as irene @ neil who take the time to phone you to see if all is well and take such a interest in there pups welfare .Irene '@ Neil are in our opinion are the best breeders i have every met and we have met quite a few over the years as we have had 8 german shepherds .I just had to write a comment to say we will bombard you with Kai,s progress and loads of photos and many thanks for letting us have Kai also he,s a very clever pup even at this age he.s going to keep us on our toes many thanks again
corinne @ gordon
Sam @ Kai xx

Rhona, Ian Dawson and family 2015.11.19 15:18
Dear Irene and Neil,
Tigg has become so much part of our family now that it feels he has been with us forever. Thor our solid black german shepherd and Tigg have such a strong bond that it is wonderful to watch them playing and sleeping together like they have always been together. Tigg is becoming a confident, outgoing and above all well tempered dog who is proving to be a very quick learner and we are looking forward to seeing how he will progress as he gets older.
Everyone that he meets agree he is a big, handsome boy and we all cannot wait to see how he grows.
We cannot thank you enough Irene and Neil for the bundle of love that you so kindly let us have. You are 2 in a million. Take care
Love Rhona, Ian, Emma, Lousie, Amy and Thor xxxx

Annette Athersmith 2016.1.9 10:58
Hi Irene @Neil,
Having owned German Shepherds for over 30years and due to illness I decided not to have another and took on a smaller breed what a mistake!. Now well ,I knew I couldnt live without another Shepherd, Having searched the Internet for the right type of dog I contacted Irene and I knew instantly I had found the right breeder ,because although very friendly and helpful I felt she was interveiwing me at the same time.It takes a special person to choose the right family for her puppies.I had to wait a few months but then got the phone call to say a puppy was available, but during all that time Irene stayed in contact and I felt part of the Skipmyre family.Finaly the day came to meet my /our puppy mustnt forget Melvyn!Brodie was the most gorgeous baby as they all were, I was very impressed with the spotless conditions and the obvious love for the puppies. Brodie is the most well adjusted puppy we have ever had thanks to your time and effort Irene and Neil.Wenow look forward to watching him grow into the stunning son of Grace andTazar. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of owning and loving one of your beautiful puppies.