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christine tate 2012.8.12 13:18
I have always wanted a german shepherd puppy but was always horrified about the horror stories one reads about breeders who dont really care about their dogs and just breed for money so i thought long and hard and did lots of research about what i should be looking for in a good breeder and when my old much loved retriever died i started contacting breeders to find out what they were like.Some breeders asked very few questions and it was obvious that they just wanted a sale but with Irene I knew I had struck gold straight away .You could tell that she adored her "babies"and that she was checking and double checking that her pups went to loving homes for the whole of their lives
I cant speak highly enough about Irene and neil at skipmyre--they are wonderful genuine people who adore their dogs and the care that kassie had throughout pregnancy and when the pups arrived was superb
I feel very honoured to be allowed to have one of Kassies pups and izzy is thriving at home .Right from the start izzy was a confident little character and the love and socialisation given to her in the first 7 weeks was obvious .In the future when I decide to add to the family again I wouldnt dream about going anywhere else.


Dear Irene and Neil,
Once again i am putting pen to paper to say a special thank you for giving us a pup from Kassie. Cosmo came to us unexpectedly, but what a star he is. Bold, confident, and has a happy go lucky attitude to everything. Keeva is a great playmate for him and he has got his paws rught under the table here.
Should anyone be considering a GSD pup, then they should look no further than your site, as like many other Skipmyre owners, we now have more than one, and that speaks the volumes our words haven't. You promise the best, and like all your owners, we are sure we have the best. Thank you for your 24/7 care you gave to Kassie and her pups, and giving us Cosmo as part of our family, it will soon be as big as yours LOL x.
Rob and Frances x.


Hi Irene
What can I say. We had the privilege of meeting Irene and Neil over a year ago after much research to find a breeder of GSD’s who was not breeding for money and cared about what happened to the pups after they had left. They are without doubt the best dog breeders I have ever met. I have had shepherds over 30 years and have never met anyone who cares so much about the welfare of their pups while with them, and after they leave Irene’s care. That’s if you can get the pup out of Irene’s hands and into your car to take home. They are an amazing couple and should be held up as the standard that all dog breeders should aspire to, although it will be a hard act to follow. Our beautiful pup Sasha is now 9 weeks old and resembles a black bear until you look into those big brown eyes that shine with intelligence and mischief and then you know for sure that she is a German Shepherd and that going to see Neil and Irene was the best decision you ever made. She is strong, healthy and is already part of the family. They are an amazing couple and should be proud of what they do to keep the breed healthy, strong, and part of families all over the UK where they are well looked after and loved. Tam & Jean


“To fulfil a lifelong dream, we wanted to be owned by a big boned, long haired, dark faced, straight-backed GSD who would be great with our two children. We thought we were asking a bit too much until we found Skipmyre! We were so impressed not only by the dogs on the website and how gorgeous each and every one was but also the devotion to the dogs and the breed that was clearly shown by Irene. Nothing was too much trouble for her and Neil and their way with the dogs are second to none. We met Tia’s pups first of all and fell in love instantly. Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, all were spoken for so we went on the waiting list for the next litter but this time from the beautiful Kassie. Boy, did we wait? But it was so worth it! Irene kept us informed at every step, ensuring Kassie was safe and well. We were more than delighted that the sire was her own dog, Merlin, a handsome, gentle and good natured dog and we couldn’t have asked for better parents of our little boy, Angus. He is exactly what we wanted and more as he is the sweetest, good natured, calm, gentle soul and with a fantastic personality to boot and we credit that to Irene and the way she has nurtured her pups. Everyone who meets Angus falls in love with him. Thank you Irene and Neil of Skipmyre for allowing us to have this precious gift!”
Love from Danny and Julie Fiering xx.

angus 16

Dear Irene ,Neil and Gang,

  just a wee note to say many many thanks for allowing Kai to come to his new home with me.Who would have known that i would ever have one of your lovely GSDs for myself, the comments i recieve from people in the street when were out for a walk and also from my vet who and i quote said " what alovely big good natured dog with good bone density" Kai is, which i must go on record is all down to your hard work and dedication to breeding good sound dogs the work that i now know that you put in to the breeding and making sure the puppies are well balanced and exposed to all household and other noises before they leave or should i say dragged from your clutches !!!! really is a credit to you.So next time your running about after 12 puppies be sure and know that it really is appreciated by me and all the other forever home puppy owners that are fortunate enough to be excepted into the skipmyre gang .....
Best wishes to you all
Gav and Kai xx


Hi Irene and Neil ,

Just want to say a huge thank you to you both for allowing us to be the very proud owners of Oden.We couldn't have been looked after better if we had been Royalty.From the the day I phoned Irene to ask if we could be put on the waiting list for a Skipmyre pup ,we were kept up to date on who was having pups and when . We were kindly invited down to visit Kassie's litter last summer and to meet Irene and Neil and some of the Skipmyre residents .We were made very welcome and this is when we got to meet Tia and Merlin the future parents of our Oden,let me tell you his parents are gorgeous.We then waited for Irene to tell us Tia was in pup and that they would be due around Christmas and they were born a few days before Christmas.It was the best ever Christmas present we had ,Irene kept us up to date with how the pups were doing and soon it was our turn to go down and collect our boy.We got Oden home and he has been a wonderful addition to our home.We are looking forward to the fun and games i'm sure we are going to have with Oden.Can't thank Irene and Neil enough for our well socialised boy , he is already sleeping most of the night and going outside for most of his toilet training.We will keep you both up to date with his progress.If you are lucky enough to be allowed on a waiting list for a Skipmyre pup,you can be rest assured no matter how long you wait it will be worth it and don't fret if you are last on the list for a pup you will never be disappointed as they are all gorgeous .
Thank you once again
Willie and Heather xx

zeo bear2



I have now had Kaylidh for almost three months. Kaylidh is one of Mischa's puppies and is a solid black gsd. I would like to let it be known that, although I have owned many dogs in my lifetime, most of them gsd's, I have never had one like Kaylidh. She is special. Not only is she beautiful, but she is obedient, laid back - but still with lots of gsd character - intelligent; I could go on and on singing her praises. Thank you Neil and Irene for breeding her so carefully, rearing her so lovingly and for giving me my best friend.

Hello Irene and Neill, the most dedicated german shepherd dog advocates ever!
We have just realised that we did not place a comment on your web site, how remiss of us.
We have had our girlie in our lives for about 8 months now. Phoenix is the embodiment of all your hard work for the breed. She is amazing, beautiful, mischevious, clever, patient, wonderful with children, people, dogs and animals. What a good girl she is. She learns tricks only after being told a couple of times, she is a typical intelligent gsd!
She has filled a great big void from our 7 year old boy.
Skipmyre are non gimmicky breeders, unlike others that appear to be designing colours for gsd's, which I reckon can only be detramental to the breed, as people will purchase for all the wrong reasons. You have the welfare of your pups to heart at all times. A skipmyre gsd pup does exactly what it says on the tin! Prospective lucky forever homes families can be rest assured of the quality of their pup and the wonderful rewarding adult that he or she will grow into.
We love our Phoenix so much, and so do our 2 year old grandsons. Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family. (The cat's may not feel the same way though!)
Thank you both for all your help, information, guidance and advice, not to mention your precious time.
Kindest regards, Eve & Jules


hi irene and neil
many thanks for all your dedication to Graces puppies have had SAMI home for nearly three hours and just need to say shes stunning looking and her manners are the best still sleeping cant stop looking at her amazing anyone thinking of a GSD pup look no further these pups are simply the best. cheers irene and neil will keep you up to date on all SAMIS progress
thankyou for oor wee SAMI karen colin and callumxxx


Irene, we have now had Leah home for a week and for an 8 week old puppy she is simply gorgeous and remarkably clever. A testament to your careful breeding and to Grace who has proved to be a wonderful first time mum. On our first visit to our vet he described her as "perfect" - need I say more. She has settled really well and growing by the day. She has a great temparament but a bundle of mischief which makes training fun and she is learning really quickly. Thank you Irene and Neil for our wonderful girl.
June & Ian McNell.

Hi Irene and Neil,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for our Jasper. He's turned our house and world upside down and we cannot imagine life without him. He is a lovely boy who has brought so much happiness to us as a family. Loves his cuddles and kisses does Jasper.
The way you kept us up-to-date from the moment you had confirmation that Elle was expecting her puppies was fantastic, made us feel part of it all. Our vet was very impressed with you as a breeder, the fact that we had regular updates on the puppies progress and the fact that you want to be kept in touch with Jaspers progess and offering advice when needed. Not a lot of breeders keep an interest once the puppy has left. Vet also said that Jasper is in wonderful health and he has a wonderful temperament all signs of good breeding.
Thank you once again for our boy and you will always be Granny Irene!!! We'll keep in touch with you over Jasper as I know you'll want to see him grow into his massive paws :-).
Love to Granny from your pal Jasper xxxx
Maureen and Joe 2013.12.27 21:11


Morag McPherson 2014.1.5 18:50
Hi Irene and Neil
May i start by saying the biggest thank you in the world for our lovely puppy Zara. She behaved perfectly on the long journey home from Dumfries to the highlands and that was a measure of things to come. Within 10 days of being home she was 100% toilet trained,she knows her name , and will sit on command - pretty good for a baby dog. When we took her to the vets for her injections he examined her and commented what a lovely healthy puppy,and was full of praise for the breeder for producing such a quality dog.Where we live there are lovely beaches and forest walks and Zara is in her element when out and about and off the lead.When we meet people with other dogs they almost always stop to pet her and comment on what a beautifull dog she is, then follows the question "did you get her locally"? to which i reply with pride - No she's a SKIPMYRE dog from the borders.
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for Zara and if anyone reading this is thinking about getting a GSD, then you can not do better than a skipmyre dog.
Regards Morag and Zara.


Dear Irene and Neil,
I cannot thank you enough for our beautiful girl Calley, she has settled in so well.
As soon as I found Skipmyre on my search for a pup I was hooked by your beautiful dogs and their progeny. I contacted Irene and luckily for me was placed on the waiting list for a Skipmyre pup. I could tell from my first conversation with Irene that her dogs mean the world to her and only the best will do for them. This is exactly what I was looking for in a breeder. We had a long wait for our pup, but boy was it worth it. During our wait Irene was always in touch keeping us updated, and once our pup was on the way from the beautiful Elle, we were kept fully up to date with mum and pups progress, which was greatly appreciated.
The day finally came when it was time to collect our beautiful girl and it was lovely to finally meet both Irene and Neil, although brief, before we started the long journey home to Cornwall. Calley travelled perfectly, she slept on my lap most of the way home. She is growing into a wonderful girl, all credit to the love, care and attention received at Skipmyre. We will always be touch and keep you updated with progress and photos.
Thank you so much again for our wonderful girl.
Hugs to you all
Becky and Calley


Raymond Quigley 2014.2.3 20:38
We first got intouch with Irene last January to enquire about getting one of her gorgeous dogs... We were booked for a family holiday in October and thought it would be unfair on a young dog to leave with a family member or place in a kennel, god forbid!! When we informed Irene of this she done her upmost to make sure we were top of the list for one of Tias December pups, and what a pup we got!!! Max is a stunning, gorgeous, intelligent boy, full of play and mischief and we love him to bits... we picked him up on Thursday (30/01/2014) and he has settled in straight away.. we have a 2 year old Westie and he's gave him a new lease of life!!! We took our time to look for a decent breeder, we didn't make any rash decisions or opt for the first one we found... Skipmyre ticked all the boxes and we are so fortunate we found them... Irene and Neil were absolute terrific and their care for the pups and all their dogs is second to none... They explained everything about the care of German Shepherds, and brought our attention to a few things we didn't know about... We can't thank them enough and all they ask is for photos of them growing... now that's how much they care for all their dogs... once a Skipmyre dog, always a Skipmyre dog...
With the greatest of thanks
Raymond, Allison, Rebecca & Paddy the Westie.... :-)