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Rob & Frances 2011.10.25 19:05
Who knew that when our 11 yr old GSD Sal passed away in Feb this year what lay ahead for my wife and I and our 3yr old GSD Bracken we were heart broken and didnt know were to turn. Then in a conversation someone mentioned Skipmyre I looked at the web site and left a wee comment.. And then a wonderful lady called Irene contacted us offered support and kind words and with an open offer to visit her Neil and the gang no pressure just when we were ready.From that first visit a beautiful and long lasting friendship has developed and we now count Irene & Neil as very good friends.They truely are very enthusiastic and caring breeders but equally they are wonderful caring people, and there dogs are a credit to them..Today we picked up Keeva who has made great friends with Bracken already and bought a wee twinkle back into our eyes.........
So if your lucky enough to be chosen for a Skipmyre puppy and can wrestle one from Irenes arms then do but remember DONT TOUCH THE EARS !!!
Irene & Neil god bless xxxx

keeva 1

Charlene & Scott 2011.10.23 22:18
Just a we message to say a HUGE THANK YOU !! Picked our boy up today and he's been such a little gem, he has settled much quicker than we thought and Tina our collie just adores him. Irene and Neil you have been fantastic with advice etc right from the minute we contacted you's and keeping us updated all the time with pictures and emails and answering all our questions etc. We will definitley keep in touch and send you lots of pics of Maverick growing up and come down and visit to. Speak to you's both soon, lots of love Charlene, Scott, and Maverick xxx

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Ron and Pauline 2011.11.1 19:13
Hi Irene and Neil (two of the hardest working and most caring folks we have met).
After five long years since our German Shepherd, Elsa, died; we decided the time was right to welcome a new pup into our home. By chance my wife bumped into a couple on holiday with their dogs and they pointed us in the right direction . . . the rest is history.
 Kimba settled in straight away, no sounds bothered her, thanks to the time taken during her first 7 weeks getting the pups accustomed to everyday household noises.
By the fourth day her EARS were straight up as she picked up all the new sounds of birds, geese, seagulls etc!
It was worth the effort to carry her to various locations, so that she was able to take on board new experiences prior to being able to go walkies after her jabs.
At the moment Kimba is resting at the side of my chair, with her many toys around her, just watching me finishing off this testimonial. And of course being such a clever girl, sends her love to all at Skypmyre.
Pauline, Ron and Kimba XXXXX

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caroline yavuz 2011.11.1 20:21
getting a dog was a decision not taken lightly, my son has autism and i had done so much research into what type of dog would be suitable for a family with 2 children and to find a dog with the right protectivness and caring to be around children, when i decided upon a german sheperd i then fell upon irene and neils website and straight away i called and i think it was fate because we were able to go on the list for 1 of tia's pups we travelled all the way from munlochy in the highlands, a loooong drive, to pick our beautiful kayla (miss pink) and from day 1 she's been part of the family, i think what impressed me so much is the level of irene and neil's caring for they're dogs and pups, they wont just let anyone have one of these precious babies and i dont blame them, they are they're for any advice and i think its due to the surroundings these pups were born into that makes them such amazing pups, thanks to irene's start kayla has been going to bed at 10pm and thats her till morning (much better than the kids!!!!) and everywhere we go all i hear is "what a beautiful puppy" and "isnt she so calm" all i will say is if you are looking for a german sheperd and you come upon this website put your name on the waiting list and wait for as long as it takes to get a skipmyre puppy you wont get better or more beautiful anywhere else. thank you irene and neil (and tia and woody) for our beautiful kayla its made aaron and lara's lives so much sunnier!!!!!!

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Clare and Marek 2011.11.6 14:48
Hi, we came across Skipmyre's webpage shortly after we said goodbye to our 9yr old GSD Toby, the loss was awful as he was such a part of our family; and we made up our minds that we had to get another dog (our house was too quiet without one, despite having children!!).
From the start Irene was great and her knowledge of the GSD breed is amazing, Marek spoke to Irene and asked if we could be put on a waiting list for a pup. The next bit, is the bit I find truly worthwhile - Irene asked if we could email her photos of our previous dog Toby which showed how he was part of our lives - Irene wasn't going to hand over a pup without doing some background work first.
As luck and fate would have it we were lucky to get a pupy from Tia and Woody's litter, and we are now the very proud owners of Woody Jnr! He is an amazing dog and for 9 weeks old he is already very bright and intelligent; Woody takes everything in his stride and isn't fazed by anything.
He has put in an appearance at the school gates and he was most definitely very popular, he was spoilt rotten with hugs, pats, cuddles and extra care was taken to NOT TOUCH THE EARS, lol!!
As part of Halloween celebrations our house was visited by lots of children and adults, keen for sweets but even keener to see Woody Jnr - he's so placid that he fell asleep after a while and the noise and constant coming and going of people didn't bother him!
He's an absolutely gorgeous looking dog and many people have already commented on this "he's a big, fluffy teddy bear" is the most common response. Irene and Neil made us feel so welcome when we visited them and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone who is considering getting a dog from them.
It has to be said too, that the after care from Irene is fantastic - any question, no more matter how small is answered and her love for her/our pups is evident. Thank you Irene and Neil, xxx

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