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Below are some of the many wonderful comments and testimonials from Skipmyre puppy owners. We hope you enjoy reading them, and our thanks go out to everybody who has taken the time out to write them.

Bram and Tina de Groot 2010.11.9 20:27

Hi , Tia and you two,
A massive thanks from both Tina and I for you letting us have Harvey! ( dark Blue ) All the lights have be re-lit in our lives with Harvey's home coming. He is the most delicious creature on the planet! A total credit to you at Skipmyre for preparing him so well for his new life. From moment one he has been full of life , confidence and love something I clearly got from you Irene from when we first spoke on the phone .

Tia , you and Neil have done a brilliant job and we are loving every minute with him. We will see you in a few weeks xxx. Ps : Lets not forget Woody for being that perfect mate to Tia resulting in all those beautiful and healthy puppies!

dylan 3

Bram, Tina , Harvey and now Dylan de Groot from Cheshire 2011.7.1 19:34
Hi Irene and Neil.
After the wonderful gift to us Harvey has been we did not think it possible to light our lives up again even more , but you have done it again and thanks to Cassie and Woody for giving us Dylan he is just beautiful see you soonxxxxx
your friends for ever xxxxxxxx

jacki & Mike D 2011.7.24 23:10
After much consideration, we decided to purchase a German Shepherd Pup for our 9 yrear old son's birthday!! We came across Skipmyres Website and contacted Irene the breeder who I linked with right away and who came across as being totally devoted to her dogs and their offspring. I liked what I was hearing and asked about noting interest in one of Cassies Pups. I have to admit I was a little perturbed to be told that if I were lucky enough to get one of Cassies pups I was " The Last" person on the list, therefore, everyone before me would get to choose the pup of their choice an I would have to take whoever was left! Well,,, , Irene and I had quite a bit of good humoured banter about this,,, however, to her credit, she was also keeping 2 of the pups, but allowing everyone else to pick before her, such was her faith in the good breeding of this litter!! So, at the appointed time, we met our Maxi, and what a cracker he was!! After only 1 week with us ,he can do every important command required to control a dog, and he does it with 100% eagerness!! Our friends have been astounded at what he has learnt in so so short a time . The intellect shines through this pups eyes!! He is truly impressive!! So, for those of you who are Last on List, I wouldn't worry , you will not be disappointed!! Perhaps your only concern would be when you are tryng to prise your pup from Irene's arms!! I would suggest you make a quick getaway at that point, and forsake Neils offer of a lovely cuppa , in case she changes her mind!! To put it in a nutshell, Irene and Neil are genuine and good people , who are utterly devoted to their dogs and the wellfare of their offspring and I believe will offer all the help and advice you may need in the life of your dog.
Thank You Irene & Neil for our Maxi Boy
Ps : I didnt mention how utterly gorgeous Maxi is too!!
Mike Jacki Lauren Jason

maxi 7

People often ask us why, when we live in Cornwall, we went all the way to Scotland to buy a puppy. They only ask this before they meet our Merlin - once they have seen him they understand why!! It is nearly 3 years ago that Brian and I discovered the Skipmyre website while looking on the Internet for a GSD puppy to join our much loved elderly Shepherd Beowulf.
We were attracted to the type of GSD that Irene and Neil are perfecting, the traditional lines and long dense glossy dark coats. After chatting to Irene on the phone our minds were made up. Here was a breeder who was passionate about her dogs and who lavished the utmost care and love on them. We had to wait patiently for her bitch Tia to come into season and be mated with the magnificent Woody and on the 12 th September 2010 their litter of gorgeous puppies were born. Neil and Irene lavished time, care and perfect nutrition on Tia and her pups. Irene kept us supplied with photos and emails and when they were 4 weeks old we were faced with the daunting task of selection. We wanted a boy, but which one? They were all gorgeous. We had told Irene that the puppy would have to fit in with our other elderly dog, 17 yr old Cat, Leo, 4 ponies, 1 parrot, 2 Budgies, 11 peacocks and 7 Jungle fowl! Not forgetting our 4 grown up children an 4 tiny grandchildren who all visit frequently. Irene was not fazed by this list and with her help we chose the adorable Mr Pale Blue with White Hearts ( so named after his identity collar).
When he was 6 weeks old we made the journey from Cornwall to Scotland and received a wonderful welcome from Neil and Irene. We met our beautiful puppy and his gorgeous litter mates and saw the Regal and elegant Tia. They were all so clean and glossy!
When it was time to leave he cuddled into me in the back of the car and sat up looking out the windows with great interest. I have never known such a calm , happy well socialised puppy.
He has made us all so happy, he gets on marvellously with Beowulf and has given him a new lease of life at the grand old age of 13. Merlin is a ray of sunshine to all the family - gentle and loving to the toddlers, great friends with Leo the Cat who he gently sniffs each day as though vacuuming him! He is of course a fantastic companion to Brian and I. Eager to please, quick to learn and Oh so beautiful to look at. Irene and I are in constant touch, she is always there to answer a question and hear about Merlins latest win at a Dog Show or hear of his most recent adventure.
We can wholeheartedly recommend Neil and Irene, and their marvellous dogs.
Brian and Sallie Walton, Cornwall

Dan and Emma 2011.5.20 07:55

Dear Irene and Neil and all the ever growing Skipmyre gang! We just wanted to write to say how wonderful Myrtle is. She is without doubt the best thing that we have ever done - we just love her to pieces. And that is in large part because of the superb care you gave her when she was a little pup (she is not so little now at 27 inches and still growing!). We could not have asked for a better start for her - completely unfazed by hoovers, thunder, fireworks etc (although the chickens were a bit scary until she realised they were chaseable!). The support you have given us throughout has been wonderful too - the emails, the phone calls, the photos. Myrtle is one big cuddly teddy bear who likes nothing better than to wallow in the swampiest water she can find. We can't wait to see you again in June so you can see how much she has changed! With very best wishes, Dan and Emma and Myrtle and Maggie xxx

Jackie & Mike 2010.11.3 23:11

Hi Irene & Neil - Brynn is absolutely wonderful. He is getting on well with Kyle and the six cats, just loves to play,eat and sleep. Even though he has only been here a week he is now virtually trained to a puppy pad. We have had Shepherds continually for the last 35 years and it is true to say that you are the most dedicated breeders we have come across. It was so obvious that your main concern was for the welfare of the dogs and that you were not just 'in it for the money'. As you know we will keep you regularly up to date on his progress with phone calls and photos. We are sure Tia and Woody will be proud of him but mostly he is a credit to the both of you for the amount of care and love you clearly gave him in his first few weeks. Hope to see the both of you soon. Love to all at Skipmyre. Jackie & Mike

Drew & Julie Geddes 2010.11.2 20:43

Hi Irene and Neil
Just to say thanks for doing a wonderful job with our Rocco he is beautiful and has settled in great.(Thanks to Tia too for being a great mum!) Will keep you updated with lots of photos. Thanks again and look forward to maybe seeing you walking in Dalbeattie woods with the Skimpyre gang.
Julie, Drew, Nicole and Owen x

Ashley Willett 2010.11.2 20:36

Hi Irene,
Myself and Dean would just like to say a HUGE thank you to you and Neil. Indy is settling in just fine and is so well behaved which is all down to you. He is an absolute credit to Skipmyre! It has been such a pleasure not only doing business with you but also meeting you and Neil. We promise that you will be bombarded with loads of photos of Indy as he grows up and don't think that you are going to get rid of us because we're coming back to visit! Thanks so much for all your help, see you all soon.

Pamela, Russell, Carolyn and Scott 2010.11.2 20:13

Hi Irene&Neil.
Just a big thanks to say thankyou for our adorable Kara. She is a loveable sociable joy to have at home and has settled in with us so well. Will keep you updated with pics etc, thanks for all your help and advice. X

Eric-D 2010.11.2 18:36

Just a note to let you know Murphy has settled well into life in Lochgilphead. He's an energetic ball of fun and follows Doreen everywhere. We'll send you some more photos soon, and we ...and Murphy of course... will no doubt see you regularly from March 2011 when visiting Southerness.
Thank you for making the whole process easy and pleasureable.
See you soon.

Pamela 2010.10.31 20:14

Hi Irene and Neil
  We picked up our Nala today and we would just like to say what a pleasure its been meeting you. Yourself and Neil have made it such a pleasurable and personnal experience. Thanks again
Pamela, Stephen and Rebecca

Linda McColgan and Chris Dempsey 2011.7.6 21:38
Hi Irene,Neil and doggy gang,
We have had Shug home for over a week now. He is a very good boy and is learning every day. He certainly keeps us on our toes!! We really appreciate all the hard work put in by you both. Especially as he sleeps all through the night! We are settling into a new routine but looking forward to long happy days together.
Shug sends his love
ps he loves belly rubs
Many thanks
Linda and Chris xx

shug 4